About Us

We’re all about the hunt, family, friends, and of course, the game. It was this passion along with an appreciation for aromatic, delicious-tasting coffee that inspired four hunters to create Big Game Brew. This small business is based in a South Carolina town that is devoted to maximizing the social bonds created over coffee, family, and the love of the outdoors.

About Our Coffee

Full of rich, delicious flavor, our coffee is available in light and dark roasts, both of which have been crafted with a purpose. Every roast utilizes the very best green coffee beans from South America and Indonesia. Warm, inviting flavors, including Vanilla, Caramel, and Hazelnut are used to create delightful blends that are ideal for an early morning breakfast or a late afternoon spent recounting the day’s hunting adventures. We’re always designing and tweaking our exclusive gourmet blends that will draw upon the comforts and joys each season brings throughout the year.

The Brand

Big Game Brew isn’t just about the coffee. It’s a passion-fueled lifestyle founded by past experiences and relationships. But its greatest success will come when new meets old over a cup of Big Game Brew. The packaging was wonderfully illustrated by an artist and fellow hunter who captured the timeless beauty of America’s favorite big game species. For hunters of whitetails, elk, muleys, and caribou Big Game Brew coffee is ideal for celebrating every day. It’s also there to ensure we have the energy and motivation to keep stalking, hunting, training, and working for the future.

Big Game Goals

The game, outdoorsman and greater hunting communities are rich with brands, people and organizations dedicated to bettering things for new generations down the line. We want to both tap into this wealth of knowledge and resources as well as create a new blend that similarly motivated people can join. We want to ensure big game hunting grounds and wildlife habitat stay protected today and down the road. This guarantees avid hunters can continue spending valuable time with our compatriots all while chasing giants and getting outside. Because we understand what it means to love the hunt, we will be partnering with organizations by donating a portion of every bag directly to these essential conservation groups.

Meet the Owners

Logan Whitman

Big Game Brew Favorite: Grasslands Roast

Logan is a man that is dedicated to his faith, family, fitness, law enforcement profession, and his love for the outdoors. As an avid archery enthusiast, Logan has a passion for hunting whitetail and turkey in the Midwest. With a full time job in law enforcement and as a SWAT sniper, he manages to spend his free time launching arrows with his 2 kids and wife, teaching them as much as he can about the long tradition of putting food on the table with bow and arrow. If there were any two careers which rely on coffee as a foundation, it’s law enforcement and hunting. As such, a passion for a great small batch cup of coffee goes hand in hand. 

Matt Carter

Big Game Brew Favorite: Woodlands Roast

Some of Matt’s most vivid memories growing up involve the days he spent hunting deer, turkeys, and birds with his grandfather and dad. Later he became a Merchant Mariner, and it was during this time that coffee became an integral part of his daily routine. A combination of those lifelong lessons learned both on the hunt and while working at sea helped inspire Matt to come onboard with Big Game Brew’s mission to offer high-quality to the hunting community. He and his wife Emma have two children and love spending time with the family in the outdoors.

Tim Brandt

Big Game Brew Favorite: Dark Roast / Whitetail Buck

Tim joined the team purely by sharing a passion for the hunting community. His shared interests for family, coffee and the outdoors are in perfect alignment with Joe, and Matt. Tim’s lifelong love-affair was sealed the day he finally made it to deer camp with his dad, grandpa and uncle. Tim loves the hunt and learned to finally drink coffee after he turned 30. But like hunting, coffee is a part of his daily personal, professional and family life. His growing family is his world and drives his commitment to Big Game Brew and giving back to the hunting community.

Every trophy has its story.

Here’s to a few of our favorite species.

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